Immersion by Inclusion

The magic of wordless understanding to build bridges to one another



„Immersion by Inclusion“ is an opportunity to experience how people with cognitive disabilities perceive the world. Rhythmic postures and gestures are part of their emotional and intuitive storytelling. Different VR performances are an invitation to explore an extraordinary creative space far from traditional narratives and aesthetics. „Immersion by Inclusion“ is a reminder of the knowledge of the body beyond the intellect. Over a period of more than two years various artefacts have been developed in a participatory way based on a research project of the same name: “sculpting the wordless”, “sign the walls of your labyrinth” and “Falkor – the never-ending tail”.

„Immersion by inclusion“ is a collaboration between Nicole Foelsterl, Zurich University of the Arts, Theater Hora and BeanotherLab.


Country of Production: Switzerland, Austria, Spain
Year of production: 2018 – 2020
Running time: 12 Minutes in total, 3 Performances
Producer:  Nicole Foelsterl, Zurich University of the Arts
Production company: Institute for Design Research ZHdK | Subject Area Interaction Design ZHdK
Executive VR production: BeAnotherLab
Contributors: Marte Roel, Amadea Schütz, Michael Elber, Curdin Casutt, Julia Häusermann, Lucas Maurer, Matthias Grandjean, Diana Wotruba, Serafin Michel, Simon Stuber, Tiziana Pagliaro, Gianni Blumer, Caitlin Friedly, Matthias Brücker, Fredi Senn, Robin Gilly, Noha Badir, Cécile Creuzburg, Simone Gisler, Christian Cherene, Enzo Foelsterl, Stefano Vannotti, Matthias Kappeler, Marco Vannotti, Maria Ordonez, Jessica Reust, Adrienne Bodor, Lesley Spiegel, Karmen Franinović, Family & Relatives of the Ensemble of Theatre Hora
Project was funded by: Institute for Design Research ZHdK & Subject Area Interaction Design, ZHdK with the additional support of the Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrad


Beldocs 23 – 16th Beldocs International Documentary Film Festival